Company Profile

Over the last two decades, Toyo has fast emerged on the horizon of laminated automobile leaf springs, as a leading manufacturer. The company is committed to international quality standards. Toyo’s successful endeavour truly reflects on its clientele. The confidence of OEMs in Toyo’s excellence singles out Toyo as the ace company in its field.

Toyo is backed by professional acumen of highly competent technical team and most advanced technology base in the country. In other words, Toyo Springs is about dependable quality, reliability and performance.

Our Goals

  • To meet customer’s timely delivery schedule.
  • To create suitable working environment this includes team work, motivation and employee’s involvement.
  • To continuously train people to enhance their skills & commitment.
  • To upgrade technology through continuous improvement.
  • To reduce wastage and increase productivity & reduce costs.
Mr. P.K. Sharma is Receiving Gold Medal in Electrical Engineering from Indian President Mr. V.V. Giri
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To Build an Organization With Four Core Values Creation, Challenge, Dedication & Sacrifice.


From Becoming a Professional Spring Maker to a Complex Spring Maker.