Parabolic Springs

TOYO has highly qualified & experienced engineering & production team, especially trained by technical partner DAEWON CORP, South Korea for Parabolic Springs. It has CNC controlled parabolic rolling machines with automatic material handling system, imported from South Korea to ensure high level of product consistency.

where to buy Lyrica cream Steel Used for Parabolic Springs:
Toyo Manufactures Automotive Leaf Springs covering all International Standards such as IS, BS, DIN, JIS etc.

  • Chrome Manganese steel; SUP 9, SUP 9A
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel; 50CrV4
  • Chromium Boron Steel; SUP 11A.
  • Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium Steel; 51CrMoV4.
Orlovskiy Uses:

  • Heavy duty trucks & buses
  • Light duty trucks & buses.
  • Light commercial vehicles.
  • MUV & SUV.

Product Specification :

Leaf Span : 200 to 2100 mm
Width of Leaf : 40 to 150 mm
Leaf Thickness : 8 to 50 mm
Parabolic Taper Gradient : 1 / 10 Max
Camber : 250 mm Max
Presetting Load : 25,000 kgs Max
Testing Load : 20,000 kgs Max